Dried Fruits specifications

Kind of Dried Fruits

Dried Açaí
Dried Acerola
Dried Apple
Dried Apricot
Dried Atemoya
Dried Avocado
Dried Banana
Dried Blackberry
Dried Blueberry
Dried Brazil nut
Dried Breadfruit
Dried Cashew
Dried Cocoa
Dried Coconut
Dried Count Fruit
Dried Cupuaçu
Dried Dragon Fruit Dried Fig
Dried Grape
Dried Graviola
Dried Guava
Dried Jabuticaba
Dried Jackfruit
Dried Jambo
Dried Jammelon
Dried Jatoba
Dried Khaki
Dried Kiwi
Dried Lemon
Dried Lime
Dried Lingonberry
Dried Litter
Dried Lychee
Dried Macaúba
Dried Mandacaru
Dried Mandarin Orange
Dried Mango
Dried Marolo
Dried Melon
Dried Mixed Berries
Dried Mulberry
Dried Nectarine
Dried Orange
Dried Papaya
Dried Passion fruit
Dried Peach
Dried Pear
Dried Pequi
Dried Pineapple
Dried Pinecone
Dried Pinion
Dried Pitanga
Dried Plum
Dried Pomegranate
Dried Quince
Dried Raspberry
Dried Seabuckthorn
Dried Siriguela
Dried Star fruit
Dried Strawberry
Dried Sugar cane
Dried Tamarind
Dried Tangerine
Dried Tomato
Dried Tucumã
Dried Umbu
Dried Watermelon
Dried Yellow Peach
Other Dried Fruits

Dried Fruit Package

Private Design
Private Labeling
Other Fruit Package

Package Weight

Package with 100gr
Package with 200gr
Package with 300gr
Package with 500gr
Package with 1kg
Package with 10kg
Other Package Weight

Dried Fruits Presentation

Irregular Cuts of Fruits
Dices of Fruits
Slice of Fruits
Cube of Fruits
Crinkle-Cut of Fruits
Quarter Cuts of Fruits
Random Cuts of Fruits
Burdocks Strips of Fruits
Whole Fruits
Other Dried Fruits Presentation

Kind of Dried Fruits Box

Carton Box
Plastic Box
Styrofoam Box
Othe Kind of Dried Fruits Box